Learning Resource Pack

This pack contains 5 different sections exploring an aspect of carnival, and each with a craft activity to do. 

Download the learning resource pack

History Workshop Resource

Use photographs from the archive to develop historical investigation and enquiry skills.

Download the History Workshop Resource

Creating Characters

Be inspired to create your own carnival character, whether on paper or brought to life.

Download Creating Characters

A - Z of things you will find at carnival

A - Z of things you will find at carnival has already been used by primary teachers as a starter activity when teaching.

Download A - Z of things you will find at carnival

The carnival procession resources

The carnival procession resources gives a range of starter, progression and practical activities which teacher's can use to introduce carnival to young people.

Download the carnival procession resources

Queen Kathleen’s Big Day Out

The Queen Kathleen Learning resource contains an activity task-sheet which gives examples of different ways to use this resource.

Download Queen Kathleen’s Big Day Out

Download Queen_Kathleen_s_Big_Day_Out_movie.m4v...


This resource shows the movement of people into and out of Southend Council.

Downoad the Migration Power Point Presentation

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