Norwich Lord Mayor's Street Procession 2012


Norwich Lord Mayors Procession 2012

In the summer of 2012 the Carnival Archive Project documented the Norwich Lord Mayor’s Street Procession, this included commissioning videos and photography of the event.

Norwich Lord Mayor’s Street Procession 2012 Video Transcript

[ Exterior ]

[ 00.11 Town crier ringing bell at Mayor’s podium. ]

[ 00.14 Loud drumming/procession scenes/whistles/crowd noises. ]

[ Interior: gymnasium: girls dancing to popular music: ]

[ dance leader to camera ]


>> Catherine Green:

My name is Catherine Green. I run Funky Fusion Dance group. We have kind of worked on the choreography from about January. It’s been really really difficult to decide on an actual piece of music because I wanted something that was really inspirational.

[ gymnasium ]


>> leader instructing children:

One, two, three .. up … four …

[ Exterior ]


>> Section leaders:

We’re section leaders so if like the people behind us forget the dance then we’re kind of responsible for making sure they know what to do and like they remember it and stuff …


>> Interjection by second speaker:

And we’re setting the speed for everything.

[ 01.55 children dancing to popular music: ‘I’m talking heaven now’ ]


>> Girl 1:

It’s supposed to be really, really big.


>> Interjection by Girl 2:

And there’s going to be lots of people watching us, and there’s going to be lots of other people too.


>> Unknown:

I think it’s great what they’re doing; the kids are really really enjoying it. There’s lots of practising at home … all that sort of stuff ... getting excited as it ‘s getting closer now. I’m getting excited too because I’m helping on the day so I think it’s great what the council do and really looking forward to it.


>> Boy 1:

When you, when you first get out and start dancing … and feel very nervous around every one.


>> Interjection by Boy 2:

Yeah I agree.


>> Female youth leader:

Yeah. We’ve got all our boys in it and they love it and they come down here to dance every week… and practice at home and it’s brilliant.


>> Female youth leader:

The Lord Mayor’s Procession brings carnival spirit to Norwich and it’s fantastic.


>> Female youth leader:

It’s amazing because not many people get a chance to do this.


>> In Touch Systems managing director:

We’re an I.T. company who do I.T. support and network installation. In Touch Systems is a company in the I.T. sector we employ twenty people from The Wash to the East Midlands to north of the M25. Being in the Lord Mayor’s Procession is very important to all of us: making the float, being on the float brings a lot of fun to the staff here. It’s a bonding thing where we’re all building the float for three or four weeks beforehand. [Images of ghoulish faces and zombie costumes] We all come up with ideas about what we’re going to do this year and we do actually really enjoy it. The guys get together in there own time – not in work time – to actually bring the float together. This year we’ve been trying to rack our brains to do a new float. What we’ve came up with is a float on the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ idea. We’ve brought that together with zombies and building a church and a crypt and coffins and things like that …which will all come together with the music and some special effects. Excellent.


>> In Touch Systems managing director:

And see people enjoying it … our hard work which we’ve put in is very special and does make it all worth while. It’s great to see people’s faces as you go past and hear people say what they do say about the float. As an engineering company within I.T. we do like to push the boundaries of what you can do with a float and make sure as lot of hard work goes into it um to give the best effect of our company and give people the best impression as we go past. At In Touch Systems we really enjoy being part of the carnival; it brings a great atmosphere to the staff and all of the participants and it’s really important for us to be involved in this community and to give something back to the community for the community to enjoy.

[ Exterior ]


>> In Touch Systems managing director:

People ask me about carnival: ‘What’s the point?’ so it’s like … it’s like the cork coming out of the bottle … you know … it’s a chance for the community to really let off steam and they do and they celebrate fantastically. And what’s amazing about it is that everybody’s out: you’ve got all walks of life, all different types of people; they are all out and they are really enjoying themselves and there are hardly any other opportunities when people do that so it’s really important for a total representation of the culture within the city.


>> First young woman:

Coming here and it’s great to have events like the Lord Mayor’s to bring the talent we are getting in and to show that kids don’t have to stay at home getting bored. It also boosts their confidence as well which is good as it makes them come out of their selves a bit more and it boosts their confidence within themselves…


>> interjection by Second young woman:

And you do tend to find almost unusual friendships here: you have stereotypes at school … not here. I feel dance brings people together in away that perhaps other things wouldn’t.



>> Teacher:

Five, six, seven eight.


>> three girls to camera:

First girl: I’ve always wanted to do the Lord Mayor’s procession because I’ve been watching it since I was little and wanted to be part of it.


>> Female youth worker to camera:

I’m here. I help young people do their gym, keep them safe, keep them off the streets. It’s great for the young people to take part in the carnival. Afterwards we do get an influx of young people wanting to do gymnastics, or young people who want to become a gymnast, which is great fun.


[ two teenage girls to camera ]

>> First teenage girl:

We just do acro and circus, the globe walking and unicycles, juggling, stilt walking.


[ two young boys to camera ]

>> First boy:

Yeah that’s the one. Circus gym is really fun.


>> two teenage girls to camera:

It’s really good fun doing the carnival in Norwich. It’s amazing.


[ another two teenage girls to camera ]

>> Girl:

It’s pretty much been part of my life since I was small … so I love it …here most days of the week … and I don’t intend on leaving any time soon. That is definitely one of the best things about it having people watch you and cheer you on and hopefully you will impress people.


>> Rosemary Lynley:

My name is Rosemary Lynley [to camera]. I’m the Community Coordinator for City Academy Norwich and today we’ve had our final dance rehearsal, our full dance costume rehearsal for the Lord Mayor’s Procession on Saturday and we’ve got 180 students and parents from our 13 schools in the west Norwich er cluster and they’ve come together for the first time today. The whole point of the project is that we’ve got parents and children working together you know to do something enjoyable.


>> Teacher:

Just keep it back and make sure you’ve got your own space all the time.


>> Emily Harper:

My name is Emily Harper and I’m the dance coordinator for the Norwich Schools Dance Partnership. We’re at City Academy Norwich today, just working on our final dress rehearsal … that’s all for the Lord Mayor’s Procession which we’re doing on Saturday.


[ images of people carrying large bugs, dancing, music and hubbub. ]

>> Dance leader:

Jump one … jump one!


>> Rosemary Lynley [to camera]:

It’s great opportunity to take part in carnival and the Lord Mayor’s Procession in Norwich … all the kids and the parents will remember this for probably the rest of their lives. It’s a magnificent occasion. There will be thousands and thousands of people lining the streets and it’s just great to be part of it.


>> Emily Harper [to camera]:

We’ve had loads of rehearsals but we’re going to really look forward to Saturday, hope it doesn’t rain, and hopefully we’ll do our best for Norwich.


>> Emily Harper:

Seeing all the people out there and enjoying what we have to offer them in terms of the acts and floats which are demonstrating what people do in Norwich … the great wide performance of things which they do … it shows Norwich off and that’s what I’m very proud of doing. I think it’s what we need to do as we’re a great city.


>> Paul Walker:

Hello. I’m Paul Walker from ABC taxis of Norwich and here we are today on the 7th July 2012 now preparing the Lord Mayor’s float. This is our first time into being a member of the Lord Mayor’s Procession and we felt we could actually contribute something to the public and sort of get our name out there a bit more and to actually show the public what we do. I was born in Norwich and I think the place is a fantastic place to live and I feel as if the general public of Norwich deserve a good taxi service and this is what we strive to do.


>> Woman:

We’re from Peapod Pre School and we’re a pre school that’s based on Milford Road just around the corner… we’ve only been open eighteen months so we thought this would be a real opportunity to get involved in the community. We’ve based it on obviously an Olympic theme which is obviously relevant to what’s going on but we wanted to bring the Peapod side of things inside too. Um. it’s been organised by a group of parents and a staff and we’ve spent endless meetings doing all the planning for it and we’re all here today setting up and really excited about it.


>> All:



>> Girl to camera:

We are Norwich City Football Club and we are participating in the parade. We do wheelchair football. We play with these sort of guards are attached to our chairs. These are specially made chairs and we just play football.


>> First woman to camera:

We are the Red Hat Society which is for women of a certain age to grow old disgracefully… and we do and we are goddesses today and we have actually got an Olympic torch as well to bring into the carnival … to the Lord Mayor’s Parade when it starts and we’re hoping to make a splash and a statement for ladies of a certain age.


>> Second woman to camera:

We’re coming out to play again and today we’re out to play again in force … and we’re all goddesses in the Red Hat Society so today here we are in our purple and red with our Olympic torch and we’re simply the best.

[ 11.05 drum beats music and hubbub in background ]


>> Woman to camera:

We’re from East City and Framingham Earl Area Children’s Centre and it’s just up the road and all us families have come here to celebrate and show that we all work together and like playing and are looking for a ton of fun and just waving, dancing, being in the carnival feel. And yeah it is brilliant and it brings us together as a community … every year you know I always come down every year and I just love it and I love seeing the children enjoying having a good time and it’s that community feel to get together.

[ 11.45 street noises ]


>> First Girl to camera:

It’s really lovely to be here. It’s really warm and I’m really excited.


>> Second Girl to camera:

It’s going to be the first time I’ve done it so I’m a bit scared. It’s going to be fun though. So hopefully we’ll all have a good time.


>> Cathie Davies, Norfolk Carnival Archive Coordinator, to camera:

Oh, fantastic and people are really really excited. They’re really on board with the Carnival Archive Project. They want us to take lots of photographs, they want to give us all their things. It’s going to be tremendous.


>> Man to camera:

We’re here with Norwich Samba. We towards the start of the parade. We’re a fairly large group of samba players. There are about 20-25 of us today. Carnival is really important to me co because samba is a Brazilian rhythm and it’s a carnival rhythm and um samba is all about carnival performance.


>> Woman to camera:

I wouldn’t miss this for the world cos it’s just a real chance to feel the queen of the carnival and to really dance your heart out and think that nothing else matters. It is really about a really good celebration, a really good party and all the community coming together.


[ Three women to camera ]

>> First Woman:

We’re doing this to entertain the streets of Norwich and we’re doing it because we love to dance.


>> Second woman:

And because some of us have never done anything like this before …

>> Third woman:

Like this before …Yes … This time next year we’ll all be here again [laughter] hopefully if this year is a success.


>> Samba Man to camera:

I really enjoy it. It’s really fun. I’m looking forward to play onstage at the Forum because we’re going to have a new set and singers and have a guitarist playing with us and it will be really really exciting and brilliant. Yeah. Love it.

[ 13.32 Child Angel blowing kazoo. ]

[ 13.34 street scenes; floats; montage of stilt walkers and people in various costumes; sense of excitement; drum beats; bands street noise ]


>> Woman on float:

It’s not stuck on.

>> Boy:

I know.


>> Rosemary Lynley briefing children:

We’re in a competition today and there will be judges along the route so you’ve got to be laughing and smiling and really enjoying it.


>> Rosemary Lynley to camera:

We’re here on Newmarket Road and we’ve been up since eight o’clock this morning decorating the float and all our people came in at two o’clock, they’ve had a dance rehearsal and changed into their costumes so now we’re just waiting for the procession to start. The theme is about the Olympics so we thought we’d do the Olympian feats of insects. So our theme is ‘Have you got the Olympic bug?’ At the centre of the float we’ve got a flea who’s jumping over a high jump and we’ve got a hundred people in the procession and they’re going to be carrying insects all of which are superb at some Olympic event.

[ 14.52 Street scenes and excited noises ]

>> Man on science fiction float shouting at camera:

The Norwich Carnival 2012: whoa: bring it on!

[ 15.01 Montage: People in Star Wars costumes dancing; wheelchair footballers waiting; caveman dancers moving; bug children waving; music; audience members waiting. ]

[ 15.42 Man and woman from In Touch Systems Zombie float to camera ]

>> Woman:

[Unclear] … Karen Temple from In Touch Systems ..

>> Man:

Well, we’ve got a little bit of a float on the go with some zombie theme…

>> Woman:

Yeah so we … we didn’t really do the Olympics because we thought we’d do something different because they suggested that we do culture from the countries taking part so we’ve done American culture and Halloween is a big thing. We’ve taken it one step further and done Halloween plus zombies and also we’ve got some sporting people … as well .. . but with a twist.


>> Man:

We’ve had quite a mad week …

>> Man:

All the panic is over and we’re raring to go now.


>> Woman:

But thanks to our staff and family and friends cos they’ve all spent loads of their spare time in getting everything ready … it’s been really brilliant working as a team.

[ 15.39 Two men to camera ]

>> First Man:

I’m Steve.

>> Second man:

And I’m Steve as well.

>> Both men together:

we’ve both Steves.

>> First Man:

Two Steves today and we’re at the Lord Mayor’s Porcession and we’re having a lovely time.


>> Second Man:

First time I’ve ever done it …

>> First Man:

First for me as well …

>> Second Man:

It’s going to be experience … be a…

>> Interjection. First Man:

A lovely evening.

[ 16.54 samba dancers sing percussion instruments, moving rhythmically; others dancing; music. ]


>> First Woman in audience to camera:

We like this bit best. We like looking at all the floats and seeing what everyone’s doing. Waving to every one and …

>> Interjection:

Second Woman in audience to camera:

And we love the samba bands …

>> Interjection. First Woman:

And we love the samba bands.

[ 17.19 Music: ‘Star Wars’ Theme; image of dinosaur on truck; two men working on ‘Star Wars’ machines. ]


>> First Man to camera:

We’re ‘Star Wars’ enthusiasts aren’t we … I’ve only been with them a year … We’re part of the [unclear] costume group … There are two hundred parts … We’re heroes and villains …


>> Second Man to camera:

It’s, it’s … fun. At the end of the day it’s worth doing … if anything’s worth doing it’s worth doing well and for fun. We enjoy it, it’s really good.

[ 17.46 Electric guitar music over montage of groups readying for processing: waving children; rock group on float. ]

[ 18.06 Scout Leader to camera: We’re Norwich Sea Scouts and we’re just promoting our nearly one hundred years. Which is next year - the big one - so you know we thought we’d come along and try to bring some people along to the group, attract new kids really. We’ve never done this … not as a group before. But we thought this is a good idea to promote obviously scouting and young children and we thought we’d come along this year and give it a go. And with the children especially involved it’s fantastic … it’s good to get the kids involved which is great … and we’ve got the weather. ]

[ 18.35 D.J. on float at console to camera: It’s going to be exciting. My name’s Craig and I’m working for Aspire Dance doing a bit of, doing a bit of commercial dance for the girls in front of me. Yeah: it’s going to be amazing. ]

[ 18.43 Montage: street scenes; dancers, stilt walkers and other carnival performers moving and milling about: jugglers; music; images of the audience lining the route; conversation; street noise. ]

[ 19.04 Sumo fat suited dancers twirling to: ‘I will survive’. ]

[ 19.44 Montage of audience; people on floats; girls with flags; music by Queen: ‘Don’t stop me now’. ]

[ 19:50 images of runners passing crowds lining the route: clapping. ]

[ 19.57 kilted bagpipers marching: bagpipe music. ]

[ 20.14 Montage: Lord mayor processing; Olympic themed athletes processing; samba dancers processing: samba music. ]

[ 20.36 Fat sumo dancers whirling to trance music. ]

[ 20.51 Montage: stilt walkers; dancers doing pas de deux to music: ‘When I saw you walking down the street … She’s so pretty …’ ]

[ 21.27 the Lord mayor’s Procession is in full swing moving down Newmarket Road into St. St Stephens: people collecting money from the crowd for charity; large craft made bugs being carried past; formation dancers to music: ‘Make me want to dance …’ ]


>> Announcer on float:

Clap your hands. Come on every body clap your hands. Clap … clap … clap!

[ 22.57 Montage: images of floats, star wars figures, baton twirlers, including a large model steam train on a truck. ]

[ 23.31 bird costumed young people moving to: music: and the happy time we’re having. One and all at the ugly bug ball. ]


>> Young people sitting on crash barriers waving and yelling enthusiastically to camera:


[ 25.00 Images of crowds waving. Music: ‘all day, all night, all day, all night.’ ]

[ 25.06 Big crowds: Zombie float: loud screaming. ]

[ 26.56 Image of Lord Mayor and colleagues leaving the procession site. ]


>> Funky Fusion Dance Group young people in union jack t-shirts waving and yelling enthusiastically to camera:

Yeaaaaaah! Ooooooo!


>> First Boy to camera:

It was awesome.


>> Dance group – adults and young people in unison:

It was fantastic!


>> Catherine Green:

We didn’t even stop for a drink today… they were so good .. loads and loads of energy … loads of cheering … fantastic atmosphere … perfect weather. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.


>> Second Boy to camera:

Oh yes I enjoyed it … a lot.


>> Man to camera:

Something I’m never going to forget that. It was absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much for having me Mr. Lord.

[ 27.22 Man and woman to camera ]

>> Woman:

He’s been on a float …

>> Man:

Just performed on a float with Angel Road Junior School and steel bands. They were great, helping with the beats; they played really well. I really enjoyed it.


>> Woman:

The last float was really good as well … they had zombies on it. That was a really good one.


>> Man to camera:

I thought the Lord Mayor’s Parade today was sensational.


>> Girl to camera:

I do this because it’s an amazing experience and it’s a lot of fun.


>> Two boys to camera:

First boy to camera: It was really good, and really fun and really noisy .


>> Zombie to camera:

Um … It was brilliant. It was nice engaging with all the youngsters cos they were always smiling back at you. It was great.


>> Star Wars Trooper to camera:

Our float held up so that was another bonus. I didn’t fall apart which is another bonus. I reckon that the guys had a really good time as well. Um overall just a really good turn out.


>> Man in shades to camera:

Incredible series of trucks and noise and volume and dancers: the dancers are stupendous.


>> Woman to camera:

It has been an amazing Lord Mayor’s Procession. I have to say it has been our first Lord Mayor’s Procession and it was the best ever. And we just danced all the way through; we threw glitter. The kids kept going all the way through. It was amazing. Even though we had really loud music all around us we stuck to the rhythm and kept going.


>> Helen Selleck – Culture and Events Manager Norwich City Council - to camera:

The carnival … the procession this year was was fantastic … you know … there were some great floats and we liked to see there were a lot of children involved this year in the floats and big floats they put on… a lot of schools and things and they were really amazing. And people: t he carnival was packed and it was one of the busiest we’ve had for a while. Really busy. And again the spirit was amazing: you know people really enjoyed it and they enjoyed all the activities afterwards. It was a fantastic festival.

[ End Credits ]

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